Are “Nachos” Mexican food?

By December 11, 2014Uncategorized

I have been asked, “Are Nachos Mexican?”
I had worked in some of Mexico’s top franchise Restaurants during the 70’s, and we used to serve Nachos, they were made a little different, the story goes that in a northern Mexican town of Piedras Negras, a group of American women rocked up at a little Restaurant and the only thing they had available was Tortillas, black frijoles (beans) and cheese, with only the Chef and a waiter called Ignacio (Nacho) they fried the tortilla chips (called totopos), put refried frijoles on each totopo, shredded some tasty cheese and put in the oven then serve them, one of the ladies asked the waiter, “Como se llama?” (“What are it called?) and he thought she was asking his name, so he said “Nacho”. so then they asked for more “Nachos”.
An old friend of mine from the northern city of Monterrey, told us that all of the kitchen staff and waiters of that little Restaurant, had got very drunk the night before and Ignacio (Nacho) was the only one sober enough to open the door to the group of ladies and he threw a bucket of ice water on the Chef to wake him up. so yeah, I can safely say that “Nachos” are Mexican even though there are many Americans (specially Texans) that claim that honour. my old friend worked with that Chef in either Laredo or Monterrey and he introduced the “Nachos” to the menu mid 70’s. he said “Americans love them”