This is El Callejon del Beso (ehl cah-yeh-hohn dehl beh-soh) located behind the Plaza Los Angeles, in the Historic Centre of the enchanting city of Guanajuato (gwah-nah-hwah-toh) in Mexico.

The story is told that Ana was the only daughter of an obstinate and violent man. She was being courted by a poor but handsome young man, Carlos. When her father found out, he forbade her to go out, threatened to send her to a convent, and worse, to marry her off to an old, rich Spanish nobleman, by which the father’s estate would be restored to its former glory.

Love-stricken Carlos imagined a thousand things he might do, and settled on one after much deliberation. There was a window in Ana’s house that opened onto a narrow alleyway, so narrow in fact that it was possible to touch the wall of the house across the way by leaning out the window.

Carlos thought that if he could enter that house opposite Ana’s, he would be able to talk to her, and the two of them might devise a solution to their problem. He found the owner of the house and bought it immediately, paying in gold.

Every night, Ana and Carlos dated in secret and their love began to grow. On one evening, while Ana and Carlos where together, her father discovered them and became enraged. The father madly made his way toward his daughter, a dagger in his hand. In a fit of rage, he stabbed her in the chest.

Carlos, in shock, stood with Ana’s hand in his. Coming to his senses and realizing what had happened, he gently kissed his love’s hand, now lifeless and cold.

Ana and Carlos were dead. The father went insane and died a few months later.

According to tradition, all the couples in love who visit this site should kiss while standing on the third step, which is painted red. This will assure fifteen years of happiness; couples who don’t comply with this tradition will have seven years of bad luck.