12th Years Anniversary

By July 20, 2016News

On this day, 14 of July 12 years ago, Los Amates Mexican Kitchen open for business starting a Revolution on Mexican food in Melbourne, before us there was only tex-mex shit, people in this City did not know much about Mexican food, like tortillas, tamales, pozole, chipotle, etc. Culture and traditions like “Day of the Dead” my aim was to show that Mexico was not only ‘Speedy Gonzalez”, that we have an amazing and ancient Culture, thus the name “Amates”. I did not open to impress food critics, I did it to give people an experience and motivate them to go to the real Mexico, many have done that. Also when we opened people knew nothing about how to drink and enjoy Tequila, I saw over the years getting “wasted” with cheap Tequila, if we can call it that, so I embarked myself in showing people how to sip and enjoy and most importantly respect Tequila and now we are doing the same with good Mezcales.

I want to says thanks to ALL the people that have worked at Los Amates, they have been a big part of this great journey, there are too many to mention everybody, and also to the ones that have stuck with me for many years.
Also a big thanks to ALL the people that came here as customers then became my friends, too many to mention.
What this place created was one BIG family, I’ve seen many graduating from University, many getting married and others having babies, so the family keeps getting bigger and I feel like a very proud Father of you all.
Thank you so much everyone for your support. now I am going to have a shot of a decent Tequila with a tear in my eyes. Salud!