Los Amates Breakfast

| Los Amates Mexican Kitchen is open for Saturday Breakfast for March 2016 |

Los Amates is proud to present the new $10 Mexican Breakfast with unlimited Mexican coffee!
The $10 deal is only valid for eggs dishes.

HUEVOS (Eggs) $10.00

CON CHORIZO: Scrambled eggs with diced chorizo and onions.
RANCHEROS: 2 fried eggs served on corn tortillas, topped with salsa ranchera. (V)
DIVORCIADOS: 2 fried eggs served on corn tortillas with 2 different salsas (ranchera and verde). (V)
AHOGADOS: Cooked with a spicy salsa roja in a baking ceramic dish. (V)
A LA MEXICANA: Scrambled eggs finished with pico de gallo. (V)

Huevos con Nopales y Pico de Gallo (V)  $13.50
Eggs with cactus and pico de gallo

Desayuno grande (Big breakfast)  $17.00
2 Huevos Rancheros (fried eggs served on corn tortillas, topped with salsa ranchera), bacon, chorizo, frijoles bayos and mushrooms.


Cheese                           $2.50
S.Guacamole               $5.00
Frijoles                           $2.50
L.Guacamole                $7.50
Jalapenos                      $2.50
Salad                               $5.50
Salsa picante               $2.50
Tortillas (4 Corn)       $2.50
Salsa roja o verde      $1.50
Rice                                $3.50
Sour Cream                $1.50


Agua de Jamaica, tamarindo u horchata                                 $2.50
Fruit juices                                                                                      $4.00
Café de olla                                                                                     $2.50
Mexican style Coffee                    Add rum (15ml):       
Hot chocolate                                                                         $2.50
Hot chocolate
with chile                                                               $2.80
Coke                                                                                        $3.20
Jarritos                                                                                           $4.50
(pineapple, mandarín, lime, guava)           


Quesadilla con tortilla de harina:
A quesadilla with flour tortilla.

  • Rajas con queso                  $3.50            
  • Zucchini and mushrooms $3.80            
  • Cheese and ham                          $3.00            

Chilaquiles verdes con pollo $12.50
Fried tortilla strips with salsa verde, feta cheese, chicken, sour cream and black frijoles.

Chilaquiles rojos con res   $14.50
Norteño stile, fried tortilla strips with salsa roja, freshly cook scotch fillet strips, cream, feta cheese and black frijoles.

Chilaquiles de mole con pollo                                                      $14.50
Fried tortilla strips with homemade mole poblano, feta cheese, chicken, sour cream and black frijoles.

Chilaquiles vegetarianos rojos o verdes                                                           $10.50
Fried tortilla strips with salsa verde o salsa roja, fried mushrooms, feta cheese, sour cream and black frijoles.

Sopes (3) (V) (VG) (GF)                                                                   $5.90
Handmade masa shell topped with frijoles negros, shredded lettuce, salsa verde, salsa roja topped with queso blanco and a small squirt of sour cream.

Molletes (3)                                                                                      $7.50
Three half dinner rolls topped with refried black beans, cheese and pico de gallo.

Taquitos Dorados (GF)
Chicken or bean filled tortillas, rolled, deep fried and served with salsa Verde then topped with sour cream and Queso Blanco.

Chicken                                 $13.50
Bean (V) (VG)                       


Tortillas: Flat bread (corn or wheat) used to make tacos.
Salsa roja: A red, tomato based sauce. Not too spicy.
Salsa Verde: A green, tomatillo based sauce. Quite tangy
Salsa Picante: A very spicy sauce. Spicy and delicious!
Frijoles Negros: Black beans.
Mole: A term used to describe a Mexican thick sauce.
Pico de gallo: Salsa mexicana