We have a fine selection of Mexican & international beers, delicious Wines and original Cocktails

Why not be adventurous and try one of our original cocktails made with Mezcal or Tequila.
Enjoy a refreshing Mexican beer (as a chelada or michelada perhaps).
Share a tasty wine from our wide selection.
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Margaritas | All for $16.50

  • LIME Our house tequila reposado, freshly squeezed limes and Triple sec. (Frozen or shaken).
  • MANGO We use Australian mango pulp, our house tequila and Triple sec. (Frozen)
  • SPICY LIME Amazing mixture of Silver Tequila, lime, Triple sec and Jalapenos. (Shaken)
  • MANGO CHIPOTLE A combination between mango pulp, house Tequila, Triple sec and Chilli Chipotle. (Frozen)
  • TAMARIND AND CHILLI Tamarind pulp, mezcal and Triple sec served in a Chilli rimmed glass. (Frozen)
  • STRAWBERRY Fresh strawberries, house tequila and Triple Sec. (Frozen)
  • ANCHO A new addition to our range, an Ancho Chilli Liquor, Triple Sec and lime, great to have with Mole Sauce!

Homemade Sangria

Our recipe is seriously guarded in a secret spot in the kitchen, so we can’t reveal our most important ingredients.

Small $8.00 Large $11.00 Jug $32.00

White Wines

  • LOS AMATES Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough NZ 2013  glass $7.00 bottle $28.00
  • LOS AMATES Pinot Gris from Adelaide Hills VIC 2013 glass $7.00 bottle $28.00
  • FOUR SISTERS Sauvignon Blanc from Central Victoria, Australia 2012 bottle $28.00
  • JIM BARRY  Watervale Riesling 2015 from Clare Valley, South Australia bottle $32.00
  • WINDY PEAK Chardonnay from Yarra Valley, VIC 2015  bottle $32.00
  • L.A. CETTO CHENIN BLANC (MX)  Tropical fruit nose. Dried apricot and honey on the palate from Baja California, Mexico 2011 Bottle $39.00

Red Wine

  • Los Amates  Pinot Noir from Mornington Peninsula VIC 2011 bottle $28.00
  • Los Amates  Cabernet Sauvignon from Langhorne Creek SA 2009  bottle $28.00
  • Los Amates  Shiraz from MC Laren Vale SA 2010 glass $7.00
  • Campo Viejo Rioja Tempranillo from Logrono, Spain bottle $32.00
  • Tempus Two Cabernet Merlot from South Australia 2015 bottle $36.00
  • Mule  Shiraz from MC Laren Vale SA 2013 bottle $32.00
  • L.A. CETTO Petite Sirah (MX) Black-skinned grape variety from Baja California, Mexico 2011 bottle $39.00


  • Los Amates Sparkling Wine From Southeast Australia glass bottle $30.00

Jug of Lime Margarita | $62.00 Our house tequila reposado, freshly squeezed limes and Triple sec. 

Day of the Dead | Beers for $9.00

  • Pale Ale Amber colour, medium body, pleasant floral aroma with a distinctive bitterness and great character.
  • Amber Ale Perfectly balanced between soft toffee and caramel notes and a floral-hoppy bitterness. Semi dry
  • Blonde Ale Medium body, mild caramel sweetness and a soft pleasant bitterness.


5 Seeds Apple Cider $8.50

Cervezas or Chelas | Beers

  • Tasmania Light boags $6.00
  • Mexico SOL $6.50 XX LAGER $7.00 TECATE $8.00 XX AMBER $8.00 CORONA $9.00 MODELO ESPECIAL $9.50 PACIFICO $9.50 BOHEMIA $9.50 NEGRA MODELO $9.50
  • CHELADA Add $2.00 to beer of choice. Widely known in Mexico, is fresh lime juice w/ choice of beer served in a tall glass with salt and lime on.
  • MICHELADA Add $3.00 to beer of choice. W/ Salsa Valentina, Fresh lime juice,, Worcerstershire & Maggie Sauce.
  • CLAMATO Add $6.50 to beer of choice. Tomato, clam juice, vodka and our homemade spices mix with freshly squeeze limes served on a chilli rimmed glass.


  • Vodka House $8.00
  • Jim Beam Bourbon $8.00
  • Gin $8.00
  • Whisky $8.00

Rum Aged or Spiced | We are recommend with ice and slice of orange

  • Bacardi Blanco Rum $9.00
  • Santiago de Cuba Anejo $9.00
  • Negrita Spiced Golden Rum $9.00
  • Bacardi Carta Oro (Aged) $9.00


  • Scotch Glenmorangie 12 Years single malt $14.50


  • PALOMA $12.50 Tequila, grapefruit soda. limes in salted rim glass and lime wedges.
  • PINA COLADA $14.50 White rum, pineapple juice, Malibu & Coconut cream.
  • CAIPIRINHA $17.50 Cachaça, brown sugar and lime wedges
  • MOJITO $17.50 Santiago de Cuba blanco, muddled limes, mint with brown sugar with a dash of soda.
  • La Magdalena $17.50 Tequila Corralejo blanco, mint, limes, grapefruit soda and cloves.

Mexican Mezcal Cocktails

  • SMOKY COCO $16.50 Mezcal , Coconut Cream, Triple Sec, Oranges & Agave Syrup
  • AGAVE MULE $17.50 Mezcal, fresh lime juice, mint, ginger beer and Agave Syrup
  • NO MAMES $15.50 Mezcal Monte Alban, Jamaica (Hibiscus Flower) and freshly squeeze lime juice.

Bebidas | Drinks non Alcoholic

  • Cafe de olla $3.50  Mexican Style Coffee, we use Chiapas fair trade freshly ground coffee.
  • Chocolate caliente $3.50 Mexican Style Hot Chocolate and Add Chilli
  • Aguas frescas $3.50
  • Soft drink $3.50
  • Mexican Jarrito $4.50
  • Juices $4.00
  • Lemon, Lime Bitters w/Fresh Lime $4.80