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After several years of providing the most authentic Mexican food, great margaritas and ambience, we want to share with you some of the experiences we’ve gathered since 2004. When we took the challenge of bringing to Melbourne the most authentic Mexican food we thought it was going to be fun…And guess what… It has been a real adventure with plenty of additional rewards that, quite honestly, we didn’t expect.

We have always thought that the first way to get up close and personal with another culture is through their food, so we knew that our responsibility in portraying an authentic Mexican Restaurant was going to be far greater than just cooking.

At the same time, Mexican culture is so huge and is divided in so many regions, ideas and eras, that, trying to synthesize everything into a single space would be impossible. So our approach to give the restaurant its authenticity (besides the food of course) was at the end, quite simple. We focused in one element that is common to all Mexico: It’s people and their famous bubbly and warm personality.

Most details that decorate the restaurant were meaningful to somebody in a certain point in time. Other elements, show our appreciation to the great, ancient cultures we are still product of the Aztecs, Mayas. Huicholes, Otomies, Tarahumaras.

And there are even some pieces that honour our most popular traditions and contemporary art.

Los Amates is somewhere between post-Tex Mex and pre-Mel Mex, and your appetite is all the better for it. Expect terracotta dishes and brightly-coloured decorative ponchos for that village vibe. Accept responsibility for piling warm tortillas high with a range of well-executed taco fillings, and delight in delicious mole and smoky chipotle prawns.

Visit Victoria |

This place is so cute! Good home cooked food, tasty and satisfying. Nothing super fancy or high quality, but friendly staff and yummy food. This place just makes me happy, nice place to have a relaxed, casual dinner 🙂

Jess Arias |Zomato|

I took the family here for my birthday dinner and was blown away by the freshness and balance of flavours.

The non pretentious decor is authentic, as are the wait staff. Doesn't have the swagger of Mamasita but if it's an authentic Mexican experience you're after you can't go wrong - 5 Sombreros!

Ronzo |Trip Advisor|

So you think ''real'' Mexican food hit town only a year or two back? Think again.

Los Amates has clung to the edges of Melbourne's Spanish district since 2003, playing its trade in authentic regional Mexican food with the occasional Tex-Mex flourish and a brief not to take itself too seriously.

Larissa Dubecki |Good Food|

Melbourne is the home of the amazing breakfasts but one that is a bit different is this one at Los Amates, Fitzroy. I had the pleasure of shooting this delicious meal of Mexican coffee, chilaquiles and the Los Amates Bloody Caesar for Time Out Melbourne. It looked as delicious as it was. I really enjoyed shooting different things, through my internship at Time Out earlier this year. Quite a few of my photos made it into the print magazine, which was an incredible honour and now I can say I am published photographer. Soon, I’ll start sharing a few more of these shoots, of bars and restaurants around Melbourne.

Amanda Jane Summons |Urbanspoon |

Amazzzzzing food! The corn entree is the best entree I have ever had. It's absolutely delicious. We recommend the chicken enchiladas, they were so delicious. Tacos were nice but tortillas had a funny taste (probably too authentic for my western taste) and meat quality was a bit off. Overall absolutely loved this place, good value for money and lovely service! Will be coming back.

Zoe | Urbanspoon |

Los Amates is a cheerful and cosy place that really makes you feel like you are somewhere in Mexico

Newsletter of the Mexican Social and Cultural Association of Victoria

This place doesn't serve "modern" or "fusion" mexican food, it serves traditional mexican food. If you are looking to try food like you would in Mexico then this is the place for you. This place takes reservations (Hallelujah!), as it is always packed and I hate lining up. I ordered my go-to dish the pollo mole poblano. For $25 you get three decent pieces of chicken, rice, and beans. Order some extra tortilla's for the table so you can mop up the delicious chocolatey/spicy sauce. Trying some of my friends taco fillings may have even convinced me to try ordering something else next time. Extensive drinks menu including mexican beers and tequila's.

Stupendous82 |Trip Advisor|

Fantastic food is a cosy and colourful setting. Food is always spot on. Friendly staff and great paloma's! Priced well. Treat yourself to authentic Mexican food.

Bianca N. |Quandoo|

The food and drinks were absolutely delicious authentic Mexican cuisine. All the staff were friendly and extremely helpful. The best Mexican food I have had outside Mexico.

Meredith H. |Quandoo|

Love this place - great food and great service. The beef cheek tacos are amazing, not to mention the margaritas. And because it was my birthday I received a free tequila shot!

Phoebe H. |Quandoo |

"I am from Mexico City and I can totally say that this is authentic Mexican food. Love the food and the environment and the very friendly staff. Totally recommended."

Leticia C. | Quandoo |

The name itself “Los Amates” make reference to the ancient “paper” the natives of Mexico used to write, pant and communicate. (It’s the equivalent to Egyptian papyrus or rice paper in China, but this one is made from bark) If you’ve been to Mexico or if you manage to go there someday, you probably won’t find a restaurant like us.

We’re authentic Mexican not because we look like a restaurant in Mexico, but because our food and our people embrace the spirit of Mexico like if we were there.

We’re unique because we have become a hub for the small Mexican community that lives in Melbourne, and more important, we are now some sort of cultural embassy promoting Mexico, not only to Melbournians but to all our visitors from other cities in Australia.

One of the things we´re very proud, is that quite a few of our guests have actually travelled to Mexico after visiting Los Amates. This only moves us to keep the effort and find new challenges.

Every year we sponsor many cultural events regarding Mexican traditions and artists as well festivals where Mexico is featured side by side with other Hispanic countries. And, sometimes, we even get special treats: Visits from celebrities that want to verify if all the good things they’ve heard about Los Amates Mexican Kitchen are true….And they did!

I’m sorry if this letter only talks about us, but we’re so proud of what we’ve achieved that we wanted to share it with you. It’s so personal, that we want it to be part of you because, at the end, you are part of Los Amates too.

Thanks for your support all these years.